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Are You a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Who Has Literally Been…

  • Trading hard work, struggle, & time that you can never get back, for money chasing.
    • Sacrificing the enjoyment of the journey for the “dream destination”.
      • Missing out on significant & magical moments with your family & friends.
        • Forcing yourself to be more motivated while pushing harder for the illusive “financial security” of it.
          • Giving the last bits of your energy to another launch, event, or to customers that you don’t love working with…because you need the money.

          Maybe It’s Even Gotten to the Point Where…

          • You don’t have the same connection with the people you love because you’re always busy building the business.
          • You no longer make time for the things you used to be passionate about & you’ve lost your sense of creativity, fun, & adventure.
          • Even though you’ve been growing your business, you’ve taken a step back on a soul level while taking on more stress, tension, & anxiety.
          • You feel lost & confused about your greater purpose & wonder how you got here.
          • You’ve been successful & thought it was the answer to happiness, only to find that you’re more unfulfilled than ever.

          Honestly, I’ve Experienced All of These. But Then…

          I reignited the spark within me that created a bonfire of inspiration & prosperity in ways that I never imagined possible. So imagine if YOU could…

          • Experience the joy & bliss of doing work you genuinely love every day
          • Enjoy the most fun, rewarding, energy-giving activities in your life whenever you want it
          • Set this up in a way where it actually results in more income & more impact in the world
          • Live a life that’s an extraordinary expression of who you really are & always dreamed you could be
          • Have the freedom to do this while feeling vibrant, inspired, & aligned with your purpose 

          You see, the counter-intuitive key to success in business & life is to be brave enough to…

          put joy first in your life. but you might be thinking…

          “WHAT?! That’s crazy & selfish! Plus, how could putting my joy first possibly result in…

          • Getting more clients & having more success?
          • Creating a growing, sustainable business?
          • Serving my customers & delivering on my promises?”

          Honestly, even MY OWN EGO was saying…

          • You should be happy & more grateful for all the business success you’ve had. What’s wrong with you?! 
          • Your business will crumble overnight if you stop working so hard, & you’ve got a family to feed. This isn’t the time to experiment with joy!
          • Your hard work & sacrifice is what brings the clients in. Don’t mess with what already works. Be responsible & be an ADULT!”

          But Despite My Ego Fighting to Keep Me the Same, the TRUTH is…

          I attracted waves of new, ideal clients. I became a MUCH better coach. And I became the PRESENT & available family man my heart desired. So what if YOU could…

          • Awaken & liberate the joy that’s been trapped inside you!
          • Share your highest purpose & message with the world in a BIG way!
          • Find flowmentum where clients & success float to you downstream rather than you fighting upstream to get them!
          • Radiate from the inside-out & shine your light in a way that you’ve never felt before!
          • Create a new, inspiring relationship with money that’s clean, clear, & congruent with who you really are!
          • Redesign your life, do what you love most for a living, & share your greatest gifts & talents!
          • Overcome “imposter syndrome”, fears of rejection, & incessant people pleasing to speak & express your truth!

          The Impact

          I’ve had a lot of success over the years as a life coach, but in the end it wasn’t the marketing tactics or the systems that made the biggest difference. It was the powerful, life-changing, mind-bending, enlightening conversations I had with Tiamo.

          I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today…in my relationships, spiritual life, and business, if it wasn’t for Tiamo’s loving support every step of the way.

          He has a super-power of instantly intuiting what’s missing for you internally and how it’s sabotaging your business, relationships, and your life. Most importantly, he has powerful spiritual teachings for getting you back on track and showing up as your best self every day.

          Mamoon Yusaf
          Transformational Author, Speaker, Coach

          Before Tiamo, I was very caught up in the entrepreneurial rat race and that pursuit of more. But through Tiamo, I discovered that it was coming at the cost of my health, happiness, and my joy.

          Tiamo has an incredible gift of being able to speak the truth into our blind spots. He helped me realize that I was sacrificing the things that were most meaningful to me like family, friends, and my quality of life.

          By learning from Tiamo, I’ve now shifted my mindset and have prioritized the things that bring me joy first. Not only am I way happier than I was before, but a lot of areas of my life have improved. I am doing more of what I love, my business is growing, I’m making more of an impact, and I’m enjoying the journey a lot more.

          If you have an opportunity to learn from Tiamo in any way, whether it’s a course or an event, I highly encourage you to invest the time and energy to be a part of it!

          Peter Scott IV
          Business Coach, Author, Founder at Fearless Life Academy

          Tiamo is one of those special ‘lighthouse people’ in life. Whenever I’ve felt lost at sea, Tiamo is my go-to person to get clear and centered.

          I can think of when I was trying to grow my coaching business and just felt this vibrational mismatch with me and my clients. And just one conversation with Tiamo got me clear on how I’m meant to play at a higher level. Since then, I created a multiple 6-figure coaching business.

          Years later, I was completing my coaching business and had this fear around how I would generate income. In speaking with Tiamo, he got me so present to how I can trust the universe that I will be provided for, that I can change careers and have even more abundance than I did before.

          And the result is that I did change careers, I bought a house, and I have a life that I love. This is the power of Tiamo.

          If you’re considering going to Tiamo as a lighthouse for you, I cannot recommend swimming there fast enough!

          Jon Block
          Global Family Ambassador, Creator at the Playful Activist

          It’s shocking how, although I only just started working with Tiamo, his impact is already epic. Our conversations have accelerated my growth because he cuts straight to the core and speaks directly to the heart.

          Where life used to feel overwhelming (new mom of twins, wife, and ambitious entrepreneur), I am now in a place where I see the vision. Each day, I find myself taking mindful steps towards further discovering my purpose and really living it!

          Tiamo is great at energetically removing self made ‘obstacles’. For me, this resulted in the instant letting go of complex and challenging issues that occupied my mind for years.

          Tiamo’s other ‘super power’ is getting in touch with universal spiritual wisdom that has made me a better Muslim and person.

          Rachida Abdellaoui Yusaf
          Speechwriter, Communication Strategist

          As You Go Through This Course, You Will Discover How To…

          • Align with your soul’s purpose every morning by following my 4-step reset process!
          • Feel light & free by going on my Drama Detox plan!
          • Experience time freedom & abundance rather than time tension and scarcity.
          • Be steps ahead of your ego & make soul based decisions rather than fear based decisions using my Ego Awareness Scale.
          • Communicate with your Higher-Self, know the right questions to ask, & trust the guidance you receive!
          • Let money be a servant to you rather than you being a slave to it when you follow my Money Freedom Technique!
          • Harness presence & awaken your joy by designing your life around my Joy First lifestyle schedule!
          • Access & sharpen your intuition daily to make important life and business decisions.
          • Truly let go of needing to be in control & surrender to your greater Divine Plan that’s been waiting for you to embrace it!
          • Increase your confidence & reach a tipping point in your personal and professional life!
          • Experience flow over force while cultivating creativity, fun, & loving your new process of creation!
          • Be a spiritual warrior by energetically protecting yourself from low vibe people & “energy vampires”.

          Your Transformation

          When You Complete the Course, Imagine a Life Where You…

          • Invest a fraction of your most powerful energy into your work that leads you down a path of GREATER abundance, financial success, & security…not less of it.
          • Feel your energy level is consistently high, you no longer hustle & grind, but still hit & exceed your income goals!
          • Advance in your career while taking massive leaps forward on a soul level!
          • Change your story and tell your new one using my 6-step story formula (great for speaking, webinars, interviews, etc.)!
          • Find lasting freedom from ongoing stress, tension, & anxiety!
          • Show up as the best version of yourself for family, friends, and clients!

          I’ve had the good fortune of being able to not only call Tiamo a really good friend for a number of years, but a mentor in so many ways.

          He’s really helped me to understand that joy can come with entrepreneurship, and that purpose around why we’re here and who we’re meant to serve. He’s had a remarkable impact on my ability to focus on what puts fire in my soul, and to find peace and happiness.

          I just can’t recommend working with Tiamo and being a part of his community enough, especially if you know that you are meant for more.

          So if you have an opportunity to work with him, don’t walk, run as fast as you can! He’s one of the kindest, smartest, most incredible human beings that I know.

          Steve Olsher
          Founder at Podcast Magazine, Author, Speaker 

          I went through a phase where there was this perfect storm of personal stuff that happened at the same time. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, and I couldn’t figure out where my heart was.

          To watch Tiamo being so committed to his own light, his growth, and his journey was a huge inspiration for me.

          One of the biggest things that Tiamo gave me was the power of great questions, the power to ask yourself who you really are, and to re-connect to your soul.

          Tiamo is that person that I’ve been beyond grateful for. Each conversation that we had, he would say ‘I see your greatness. I know you were put on this planet for great things.’ To have that was beyond priceless or anything I know how to put into words.

          Life is hard on your own, but Tiamo will not let you sink. You’re meant to live a great life and the world needs you!

          Michelle Humphrey
          Master Business Coach, Managing Partner at True World Global, Inc.

          Inside The Course

          Module 1: Assess Your Stress

          Discover where you are on Tiamo’s Hustle & Grind Scale, take our Stress Test, and begin the process of disentangling your life so you can BE more and do LESS!

          Module 2: Journey to Joy

          Determine what brings you joy, what your soul truly wants (and doesn’t want), & redesign your life around your new Joy First schedule & lifestyle!

          Module 3: Path to Purpose 

          Unlock your soul’s highest purpose by 1) going though Tiamo’s Purpose Gradient Path 2) dismantling the things that have held your purpose down 3) unleashing it out to the world!

          Module 4: Drama Detox

          Purge your unconscious patterns of drama, stress, & burn-out to make new space for inner peace, lasting gratitude, & expanding inspiration!

          Module 5: The Money Cleanse 

          Reinvent your relationship with money by freeing yourself from the grip of money, the illusion of security, & addiction to certainty. Learn to follow the voice of your heart & open the flood gates of true prosperity & flow!

          Module 6: Life After Desk

          Unpack your hunched-over “screen routine” that numbs your mind, body, & spirit by cultivating creativity, outdoor inspiration, & relearning how to follow the fun!


          Module 7: High Vibe Life

          Raise your vibration by unwinding all the energetic tension and pressure in your body. Feel stronger, healthier, & more vibrant that you ever have from the inside-out!

          Module 8: Ignite Your Impact 

          Tell your NEW story, share your message, & spread your light in ways that your soul has been yearning for & people have been waiting to receive!

          8 Module Course: $1,997 Value

          How + When

          As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email from Tiamo with instant access to all 8 module video recordings. 

          Each class recording includes teaching content, journal exercises, and open Q&A coaching as Tiamo guides his students through the Journey to Joy!

          Tiamo is truly one of the real ones. He comes from the heart and understands what it means to tap into your soul, your own expression, your truth, and the alignment of who you really are. He always does this for me.

          Tiamo will pull you forward while seeing the truth and higher version of you. If you want to be completely congruent to who you are and challenge yourself to the next level, then 1000% go work with Tiamo!

          Scott Brandon Hoffman
          Speaker, Artist, Founder at Soul Rebel Studios

          I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to experience Tiamo as a speaker, mentor, and a coach. What really stands out with Tiamo is his authenticity. I always feel like I’m getting the real, truest version of him.

          Tiamo also has an ability to blend really powerful, grounded, solid business messages with spirituality…something that’s really more heart-based.

          One of my biggest takeaways from Tiamo was around courage. I was getting ready to step into my first live event, and I had asked him for coaching and mentorship. Tiamo did such a great job at mirroring back to me this question…

          ‘If you’re wanting to teach them about courage, what better way to do that than to embody that in your own event? What would it be like to really step into courage and stretch yourself at this event?’

          I still hold onto that statement as it plays into so many things that I do in life. Thank you Tiamo! I’m so grateful for all the ways you’ve helped me.

          Morgan Oaks
          Transformational Speaker & Coach

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          Total Value: $3,588

          Register now for $997

          Full Pay Bonus: Video From Tiamo's
          3-Day SPEAKER Workshop!

          See Our Money Back Guarantee + Bonuses Below


          Bonus #1: Unlimited email coaching support for 1 full year ($997 value)

          Have questions as you go through the course? Get unlimited email access to Tiamo and his team for 1 full year if you order by the bonus deadline!

          Bonus #2: Speech Outline Template
          ($497 value)

          Want to take your message to the next level? Use Tiamo’s speech template to deliver powerful speeches at live conferences, seminars, and workshops!

          Bonus #3: 6-step “Seasons of Your Story” template
          ($97 value)

          The core of every message is your story. Use Tiamo’s PDF guide to structure and tell your story for speeches, webinars, and podcast interviews!

          Tiamo is someone who must have a goal in his mind in the mornings that he’s going to uplift as many people as possible during the day…because no matter when I’ve interacted with Tiamo, I always come away better, uplifted, smarter, acknowledged, seen, and more elevated.

          What I love about Tiamo is that he walks his talk. I remember when he told me he was taking a year to focus on joy and happiness and was going to construct his life around that…and he literally did that.

          I’ve also come to understand through Tiamo that purpose is a very spiritual thing and one way you can live in your joy more often is by living your purpose.

          I highly recommend that anytime you get to interact with Tiamo or be coached by him, do it! I know people that have been coached by him and have been extremely successful from doing so.

          Dan Horner
          Event Producer, Founder at Dan Horner Productions

          I believe in this work that Tiamo is sharing with the world because it’s had a powerful impact in my life.

          How truly exciting that he’s now sharing his innermost secrets to living a joyful life while growing one’s prosperity…and working less!

          Tiamo really is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. He practices all of the principles that he teaches, and lives authentically to his message.

          I highly encourage anyone who’s been seeking and looking, to join Tiamo in this journey of greater awakening and joy.

          Mayumi Young
          Founder/CEO at CPA Moms

          Content + Bonus Delivery


          This is an 8-module recorded course that you will receive full access to once you sign up. Tiamo teaches life-changing principles while providing exercises, journal prompts, and coaching as his students ask questions during the open Q&A sessions for each module.

          Bonuses (upon ordering before the deadline):

          You will have access to email coaching immediately as instructed in the welcome email.

          You will receive the story template and speech template bonuses that tie into module 8 in the welcome email. 

          If you full pay, you will receive the 3 days of video from Tiamo’s live speaker workshop in a separate email.

          We are so confident in the value of the course that we offer a 14-day 100% money back guarantee.

          You will have 14 days to request a refund. However, we highly doubt that it will come to that since our students have had inspiring results from what we teach, and we believe you are worth investing $997 in yourself to have a lifetime of fulfillment, joy, and success.

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          Total Value: $3,588

          Register now for $997

          Full Pay Bonus: Video From Tiamo's
          3-Day SPEAKER Workshop!

          See Our Money Back Guarantee + Bonuses Below

          Tiamo De Vettori

          Be The Dream Unlimited, Inc.

          Tiamo is a transformational leader and entrepreneurial mentor who has spoken to over 100,000 people on 250+ stages at conferences and seminars and combines speaking with original live music to deliver “Keynote Concerts”.

          Tiamo is a #1 best selling published author, was named L.A. Music Award’s “Singer/Songwriter of the Year”, has appeared on FOX, CBS, and NBC, and was featured as a “Coach to Watch” by the Amazing Women and Men of Power Magazine.

          Tiamo also leads his own sold out seminars for aspiring speakers and inspirational music artists from around the world.